New Project!

June 15th, 2012

As anyone who manages to wonder over here has probably noticed, this place is a bit of a ghost town lately. Except by lately, I mean like 3 years. If anyone is at all curious, I’m currently hard at work on a new project called The Internet Joke Database, where I plan to have the world’s most complete and non-sucky collection on jokes. Is it the most interesting project in the world? Not really, but I feel it should be done. Too many people need jokes for speeches, to pull out at just that right moment, or even just some old-school entertainment. Jokes have been around as far back as ancient times, yet there is not one half-way decent website that hosts even a semi-large collection. Anyway, I’ve started it, you can currently find the site at

Advertisements Are Back! In Local Form!

June 7th, 2009

Due to popular demand (*cough* 2 comments *cough*) I’ve decided to go ahead and offer advertising for local Renton Businesses/Non-profits/pretty much whatever as long as it’s in Renton.

For now I’m keeping things pretty informal, my rate is going to be $10 a month, and for an extra one time payment of $10 I’ll be happy to design a fairly basic advertisement for you and incorporate any provided artwork/photos or just build it from scratch.

If anyone is interested, feel free to shoot me an email at

Until next time Rentoneers!

Handy Links Added

June 5th, 2009

Hi everyone! I made a few small updates this evening/veeeerrrrry early morning. There is now a directory at the very bottom of this page with links to every blog that gets included in the mosh pit here.

I’m thinking I may add a somewhat revamped classic view as Mr. Rich recommended, but until then, I figured having links to the blogs that aren’t quite as active might be nice.

Also,  I have added a permanent (until next month anyway) link at the top leading to Miss Lynar’s wonderful events calendar.

Renton Journal gets a Face lift! (hit Control + R)

May 31st, 2009

Hello everyone! You have probably noticed that I did a little re-tooling on this site’s appearance. I it was about time to ditch the spartan layout and go to a slightly-better-though-still-slightly-spartan layout. I have also made a few changes to how this site displays information. First off, you will probably notice my blog is never stuck at the top. I tend to occasionally usually go long periods of time without really updating, so I thought I’d just include my blog here, along with everyone else’s. Also, I changed the old format where each blog would have it’s latest story displayed. This wasn’t a terrible idea originally, except for the fact that some people tend to post multiple times a day, and others once every few months (though still have valuable information.) The site will now list all stories in the order in which they are written, regardless of who published it. This should make it much easier to not miss any posts, and also give each blogger more of an incentive to write more than one post a day. There are still a few bugs to work out (the screwed up banner at the top of this blog is one obviously) and I think it still looks goofy on a few browsers.)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy, and I do plan to add some new features in the not to distant future.

The Renton Journal welcomes Happy Delusions!

April 19th, 2009

Hello readers! I just wanted to let you all know that I finally got around to adding the fine web publication known as “Happy Delusions” as per many of your recommendations.

Also, about our friends blogging on WordPress; For some reason, I can’t get more than a hundred or so characters to show up, and unfortunately it has nothing to do with this site.  There’s some kind of a limit on the output of the RSS feed, and even though I’m fairly decent at customizing WordPress, I just can’t figure out where to increase, or abolish that limit. I’ll keep you all updated if I find someway around it, but until then you’ll simply have to visit the individual blog to get the full story.

New Pages Added!

April 17th, 2009

Hi Readers, I just wanted to let you all know about the (obvious and three day old) new feature. You can now mosey on over to the “Weather” page to get the latest reports from three of the local TV news networks. I know finding the weather online isn’t a difficult task, but some people like me tend to forget to bookmark it or make it our homepage, and consequently get tired of googling “Weather 98056” a few times a week. Plus having a second and third opinion is always nice.

The Movie Show times and TV listings work very much the same way (except that they’re actually links to external sites). I don’t know about you guys, but it usually takes me at least five minutes to dig up local TV listings, and it’s a total crap-shoot as to whether or not they’re even accurate or not. The page I linked should be correct for this area 100% of the time.

Anyway, same old same old; If you have any idea for site updates/features or blogs to be included please leave them in a comment. I’m always looking for feedback!

Renton Journal mentioned in the Renton Reporter

April 8th, 2009

The editor’s column of the Renton Reporter recently included a segment on local bloggers/blogs, mentioning several featured here. Take a look!

Title viewer added

March 30th, 2009

As you have probably noticed I have added another element to the page that will allow you to see the titles of every story in a given article set. It’s not really anything too special, but I figured it may come in handy when checking previous pages, or just to see at a glance if the bottom of the page is really worth scrolling all the way down to.

Just as before, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvements to this site, feel free to leave them in a comment!

No More Ads!

March 25th, 2009

Well, this site just recently hit the 1100 page-views mark and I logged into my google account to see that my ads had only gotten about 20 clicks in the lifetime of this site (equaling out to about $6). Add to that the fact that about half of those were from my father and roommate, and I’m pretty sure neither of them were truly interested in switching to liberty mutual auto insurance. I don’t blame you guys for not clicking, 99% of the ads I saw were less than appealing.

Anyway long story short, I decided it just wasn’t worth it to plague all you readers with ads for things you really don’t care about. For now this site will be ad free. Eventually I might strike up some deals with local Renton businesses, but for now, enjoy your extra 90 pixels of ad-free bliss.

Also, I FINALLY fixed the navigation, and in case you haven’t noticed, there is now a handy little feature for looking at previous sets of blog entries. Be sure to check back a page or two often, some people may have posted more than one article since you last visited!

Keep a look out for the Journal Wagon!

March 20th, 2009

I recently rigged up my car with a nifty sign to help promote this website.

My car is fairly distinct looking already, so if you spot me be sure to give me a wave! (or the bird if appropriate.)